Saturday, March 19, 2011

Music Video

Finished Anthony Bryant's music video for his single, What About Life. It has a very catchy beat and was extremely fun to work on. Anthony is a great manager, and it's great to see him get super-excited about a new idea or a new visual treatment, but he also knows when to pull the artist back a bit. For some in-depth analysis of the early behind-the-scenes, check out my earlier post from late December.

Here is the final video:

And here is a comparison video of a very early cut, with no color grading, no additional city backgrounds, and some early edit changes, too.

Click the "YouTube" button on the bottom bar of the player to launch the video in the original YouTube page, or go full screen HD for the best sound and picture!

Music video performed by Anthony Bryant
Directed and Edited by Radek Michalik
Produced by Mark Nadolski

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