Thursday, April 29, 2010

Student of Fortune stills

Knee-deep in editing our promo for the website As you might surmise from the images below, it's done in the style of an action movie trailer. All footage, except the green-screen stuff, is shot with the Letus Extreme 35mm lens adapter and Canon FD lenses on the Sony EX1 camera.


Anybody recognize the movie trailer this is blatantly ripping off?

NOOO!! #2

Time lapse of a clock. Always cool, especially with lens flare.

Some comps. I think maybe they need some more work.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Footage from Test shoot

These images are straight out of the camera, with no post processing. Things I learned:

- just run the damn thing through the whole shoot, otherwise you'll forget to turn it on before you roll your shot.
- open the prime lens up all the way, and control the brightness of the image through the camera's own iris. This reduces the grain from the Letus' ground glass plane (you can see this grain in the image of the sunset, where I intentionally stopped down the lens' iris). Unfortunately, I don't have any images to upload from my fastest lens, a 24mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8, as they arrived a day too late.
- soft focus turns me into a very beautiful man.

I should also note that while the Letus makes a much more pleasing and organic image, the color fidelity and richness are mainly a result of a Picture Profile setting developed by Philip Bloom. You can find it here:

Field report from Student of Fortune shoot coming soon, as is an Alone No More update.