Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Popcorn Ad is Poppin'

We're deep in the process of creating two ads for a popcorn seasoning company. One of the ads involves a crying popcorn character that suddenly turns happy as the seasoning starts to fall, then jumps into the bowl of popcorn.

This is an interesting challenge because obviously the client wants the popcorn to look edible and realistic, but then the face has to be appealing and cute. How many times do you see that? Nemo was cute but did he look edible? Mr Peanut is edible but he's hardly cute.

Additionally complicating matters is the fact that the curled "pop
ped" extrusions make it look like this cute face has some severe deformities, a'la the Elephant Man. Would you want to munch on a tumored-up child's head straight from the microwave? I know I would.

So far, he's my progress. First pass, then the second pass.

Client is reviewing this version. Fingers and tumorous extrusions are crossed.