Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bearded Dragon

There's a site called Turbosquid that's been around for a while. In fact, it has been around for so long that I remember high school friends coming over to my house and wondering "what the hell that weird icon on my desktop is."

(The icon, a shortcut to the Turbosquid desktop client application, featured a cartoon squid-- what else?--so without any other information, really- that's a pretty damn strange icon to have.)

The short story is, Turbosquid is a website that allows you to upload your 3D models and sell them to others who might need them, with Turbosquid taking a percentage off the top for themselves. So if you make a catfish, you can upload that catfish to Turbosquid, and anybody that needs a catfish model can download it. It's a great passive way to make additional income on project assets that would otherwise lie dormant on a hard drive somewhere, and it's a great place to find 3D models for current projects.

Well, as 3D graphics are becoming more and more popular, so is Turbosquid growing more and more robust each year. So I've decided to use one day per week to create assets or dust off models for this site. Last week I cleaned up some old models. This week I started a new one, and what's a better subject than something of which you have plenty of readily available reference materials? Enter my bearded dragons.

These are some isometric shots, edited with Photoshop, to aid in crating the basic shape in 3D.

And here's how he's coming along so far. YES, it is a boy. My second-generation dragin Fish is being immortalized in digital 3D.

And if you're curious, check out my current collection of Turbosquid merchandise here:

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