Monday, February 28, 2011


Bit of a fun diversion project I'd like to share today. I've been recruited to create some graphics and icons for Starcraft player.
Now, normally I wouldn't bother to bat an eye at this project. Two reasons convinced me
1) I am a Starcraft player, and felt that I could make something cool based on my knowledge (not to be confused with SKILL) of this game, and
2) Said player is in the Master League of Starcraft, which is super-exclusive and encompasses just the top 2% of all players.
If you're not aware, Starcraft is extremely competitive, and the top players often have
thousands of lower-ranked players following their strategies and matches. So when a Master
League player comes calling, you don't say no.
Long story short, here are the graphics I created for him. The first is a kind of banner.

The second and third graphics are for forum posts and "pause" graphics on video streams:

The interesting thing here is the tools that I used to create this, namely, After Effects. That's right, zero Photoshop. And it was an extremely efficient way to work. The smoke elements were stock footage shot against black, the red lasers were particles emitting particle trails, and the "K" element opening up was in real AE 3D, which means I could potentially animate this logo to make a cool video intro.

Follow speKter's Starcraft exploits here:

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